Jumat, 15 April 2016

Repair Tips for Ceiling Fans

Safety Ceiling Fans

Before starting any work on a ceiling fan, don’t forget to turn off the electricity in order to make sure no electricity is passed through a ceiling fan, thus keeping you safe from an electric current. If, someone touches the fan wires without turning off the electricity, then he might put his life in danger.

Follow these safety tips and stay safe

  • A ladder or stool is required to reach a ceiling fan and also you should ask somebody for help if you want to remove the fan from the ceiling. A ceiling fan is quite heavy and it’s difficult to maintain a balance on a stool or a ladder by holding it. So, call for a help to safely remove the fan from the ceiling and placing it on the floor. Now, you can easily start the repairing process.
  • One of the common problems found in this appliance is that it has a wobble which needs to be fixed as early as possible in order to prevent the fan from falling from the ceiling. The main reason behind this common problem is a use of the poor electricity box that doesn’t have the power to handle the stress of the ceiling fan motion which loosens the screws used for holding.
  • So, you should either tighten the screws or replace the box with a strong electrical box that has the ability to handle the stress. However, if you just want to tighten the screws, then there is no need of removing the fan from the ceiling as you can easily do this job directly by standing on a ladder only.

Get some professional help if required

  • Apart from this problem, if a fan needs some electrical work, then it’s better to call an electrician as a person should be well aware of the wires used in a best ceiling fan to fix them properly.
  • If you cannot afford the fees of an electrician again and again, then you should label each wire with a tag and write on the tag what is the use of the selected wire. By doing so, you can easily replace the wires in the future and that too without taking the help of a professional electrician. Once you have fixed the wires, make sure to use a voltmeter to confirm each wire is properly connected.
best ceiling fan

Wire nuts or harnesses are used to attach the wires in order to establish a secure connection. So, whenever you are replacing a wire, make sure that you are using high quality wire nuts so that the connection is secured for a long time and doesn’t need any repair in a quick time. Moreover, by using low quality wire nuts, the best ceiling fan is always in risk as an unsecure connection can cause a fire hazard which will create a lot of mess.

These are some of the common problems because of which a ceiling fan stops working. So, now you are well aware with such common problems, you can easily fix them yourself without taking any help of a professional electrician which will help you to save a lot of money as you do not need to pay a huge fee to an electrician. Apart from these common problems, if your ceiling fan is affected by any other problem such as capacity not working or any other, then you need to call an electrician as it needs complete knowledge of an electric circuit.

If you do not want to face these common problems or any other problem, then replace you fan with best ceiling fan as it is better in performance and do not ask for repair for a long time.